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GraCee Designs presents "Likes and Links"...


Welcome to Likes and Links, where I write about handmade, vintage items and self published books that I think are great...  My reviews are of stores, sites and actual products that I  find to be unique, fun, beautiful or a positive idea or purchase..

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About My Blog

My journey

 Being a handmade craft enthusiast and self published author myself, I know how difficult it is to market stores, items, books, hobbies, art, a persons passion in life, so I joined a couple of groups on Facebook to take a look around.  I love to shop personal products because I know the work that goes into them and each one is unique in its own way. As I began my journey, I had an idea on how to make new friends and find fabulous items to buy.  I began looking at others stores, sites and products and decided to let the people that created them know I was looking and what I thought about them.  Sometimes you just need recognition to realize what you do is appreciated.   


Hello... I'm Catherine

the search

 Every Tuesday I began searching products and letting the sellers know that I was looking at them and how much I love their product..  The outpouring of responses was amazing..  I decided that to keep up with my comments that I would actually like to review stores, items and purchases and decided to create a blog to show them here.  If you would like for me to look at your store, website, etc and your products please email me at with the link.   I will respond in a timely manner with details of what I do...Please read my about me page as well...