Designing GraCee


About Me

Hi..! My name is Catherine and I am a mother and grandmother, originally from Brooklyn, New York and moved to New Jersey in 1976.  I am an author, and a craft enthusiast and still reside in the Garden State. 

Personal Journey

Creating GraCee Designs has become a personal journey for me.  My company name, itself, is very personal, as it is named for my Mom and myself.  She had always inspired me to do what I love and taught me many crafts and hobbies which I have enjoyed throughout my life and now I am putting her teachings to work.  

Roll and Go

I love leggings and I think many women also enjoy the comfort they bring.  Well I have to say, sometimes I don't feel dressed up enough and wearing heavy skirts on a hot day or on the beach wouldn't do.  So I began to look at fabrics that I thought would be a great idea for my design of the "Roll and Go Skirt".  I needed something comfortable, durable, cute and easy to take with me for a quick change or cover over my leggings.  I wanted to share clothing that I thought others would like to fashion in their wardrobe.  Bathing suits also welcome this cute cover up when on the beach or boardwalk.  The skirt can also be pulled up for a cute midriff.  


The "Roll and Go Skirt" comes with an accessory which I have also designed.  For women each skirt comes rolled up with a matching  bracelet.  For girls and teens a matching hair tie or headband.  

Roll and Go Parties

Are you having a ballet, birthday or beach party?  Wouldn't it be fun and unique to give out skirts as party favors?  My skirts are also available at a discounted rate for bulk orders of 20 or more skirts.  I pay attention to each skirts detail, so orders must be  placed 60 days in advance for parties.  If you are interested in ordering products for a party please email me  at with the details so together we can  create awesome party favors!

New Fabrics all the Time

Be sure to visit from time to time for new fabrics, so you will always have a new style.  Be sure to order skirts in the fabric you love when they are available.  

I am also working on other products.  Coming shortly after my promo you will be able to order "Roll and Go Midriffs"  and "Roll and Go Dresses" in different lengths along with the "Roll and Go Scarf" as well..! These  products that will also fancy an accessory.

Order your Skirt Now..!